I never said it was a logical train of thought…

So this weekend I didn’t do almost any of the things I was planning on doing. Instead I dealt with anxiety via cleaning. I have a very clean shower. You see, when I was a kid, most of the yelling in the house seemed to be about whether the bathroom was clean or not. So now, whenever there is yelling, I get this inescapable urge to clean things. I guess it’s less self-destructive than smoking, or drinking to excess, right? Right.

Also? I thought about cars. Specifically? This car:

And this one:

See, the story behind the cars is this: I WANT ONE. A lot.

Also: On Friday I realised that the black car (which has been on my watch list FOREVER) was up for sale Saturday, and I was mere seconds away from clicking the apply button on a personal loan (Also? WHY can you apply for these online. It seems ridiculously easy.) But self-preservation won out, and I decided to rationalise first.

So after rationalizing (which consisted of an angsty mathematical email complete with the numbers for owning a car for a year) I decided that since I’m still on a fixed term contract where I work, going off and getting myself $8000 in debt is a BAD idea. A very bad idea. Fiscally irresponsible even.

So then I started looking at cute little one bedroom flats because… Well, I was online anyway, right? And then I saw the price for renting a nice little one bedroom palace, overlooking the water, in the heart of the CBD and creative area, with a large deck, pets allowed, a swimming pool in the complex (next to the gym and sauna), and perhaps with a spare room for guests and storage.

Then I saw the weekly price for that, and decided that actually, a car (and taking up yachting and international travel in the weekends) would be a much cheaper option. So instead I’m just going to do neither, and keep concentrating on killing my overdraft, and cultivating savings!


2 thoughts on “I never said it was a logical train of thought…

  1. Good for you! Those right decisions suck to make, sometimes, don’t they! Right, they are, nonetheless.

  2. oooh those are cute cars…I know how you feel. I do have a car now, I drive my dad’s hand-me-downs but sometimes I just look at shiny-pretty-oh-I-want-that-to-be-MY-car and let out a longing sigh…

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