Shannon discusses the finer points around building a shared sense of nationhood through national sport.

So I have an image heavy post ahead. Mostly because I’m sort of busy, as in too-busy-to-type-words-and-have-cohesive-thoughts but not too busy to spend ten minutes downloading photos from the internet.

First things first… This is the image that I settled on to base my next tattoo on. I love it. Even though technically it’s not a final image, it’s by an artist called Rose Gogos who does some pretty awesome things with colour. So yeah. Technically not a final image, and technically part of a larger artwork…. but I like that horse exactly as it is. In fact? I even like that it’s not finished.

The larger artwork:

So yeah. That’s what I’m basing my next tattoo on. (Minus the wings. And the scary prehistoric dragon face thing.) (Because seriously? If I had that tattooed on my thigh, I’d never sleep again.)

I was also considering adding some of this style work to my existing tattoo, because I love it:

That’ll be something I’ll think on a bit longer though, because I’d like very much to keep my tattoos in easily and often covered pieces of my body – they’re something just for me, not the rest of the population, and adding these art deco swirls would potentially make my frog a little more obvious – especially now that I have short hair.

And finally? I would like to share with you my new appreciation for Rugby. As we all know, the Rugby World Cup is happening RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND here in New Zealand, and it’s a HUGE event. Like, HUGE.

And naturally, I’m very enthusiastically supporting my boys, the All Blacks.

Everyone knows it’s about time we brought the Cup home again, and now that we’re playing on our own turf, I think this will be our year.

Yup. And the rest of the fans agree. The All Blacks are in fine form this year, it’s looking like we’re powering into the Semi’s ahead of everyone else. And by everyone else I mostly mean Australia.

But that’s not all RWC is about – beating Australia – that is. It’s about Bonding.

It’s about building a shared sense of community around what it means to be a New Zealander.

It’s about Nationhood.


3 thoughts on “Shannon discusses the finer points around building a shared sense of nationhood through national sport.

  1. HOTNESS!!!! *Insert wolf whistles here*. I think they should find out what was wrong with SBWs sleeve, and put the same technology into the rest of the team.

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