Five Things Right Now

1. I’m frustrated over an idea at work. unfortunately I can’t seem to make it all come together, so until then, I can’t tell everyone about my awesome idea.

2. Is it just me, or did that pregnant lady just scowl at me? I think it might just be me being sensitive, but I definitely got some pregnant lady rage just then. Maybe she’s having a bad day. Either way, let’s all agree to not make eye contact with her again.

3. I got to be all designery today. It was fun.

4. I got a passive aggressive email from a person I used to know this morning, asking if I wanted to hang out: Um. No thank you.

5. I’m thinking about killing my facebook account, and jumping over to google plus. Even though goggle plus isn’t exactly facebook 0.2. It’s not exactly the perfect replacement, and it’s not like anyone I know is over on there anyway… So maybe it’s a bad idea. But then it’s not like I NEED facebook to have a social life… Or do I?

Hm. Good talk, internet. Good talk.


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