Happy Friday! I just love Fridays. Except when I don’t.

This morning I was not loving my Friday. I have a musical thing to go to tonight, and that’s not really my thing. I’m more about having a nice drink somewhere not too crowded. Tonight I have to go ‘mosh’ (is that the terminology?) with a Led Zep cover band in a small boat-shaped bar. (I think it would be best for everyone if you don’t ask.)

So Yeah. That made me grumpy, and I’m a bit grumpy with work at the moment because there are some not-awesome things going on there. (Boo to the not-awesome stuff!)

BUT. But then I got given a tiny donut with blue icing and sprinkles from a work-mate. Then I got to catch up with nice people at morning tea. Then my boss had to sit on one of those yoga ball things and every time it moved it sounded like he was farting *snigger*. THEN I got a call from a big important project person, giving me some really nice feedback about something I wrote for the Social Club. The thing is, the stuff I get to do for the social club, with all the writing, and the team building? That’s my FAVORITE part of work. So I love getting nice feedback about that stuff.

So this morning was sucky and I didn’t want to come to work. And today way lovely, and I feel awesome again. Oh, which reminds me of this:


2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. omg that donut sounds amazing! I want a donut!

    You are such a positive person, even when you’re having a not-so-great time. I really admire that about you!

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