More photos than my internet connection can really handle!

I’m back! And I have a bunch of Photos to share!

My room… followed by my room 20 seconds after I’d been in it! Actually they’re two rooms. I had to move from the first one, because of a weird whining sound that made me want to punch people.

The novelty of having a TV at the end of the bed has actually convinced me to never have one in my bedroom. It’s impossible to sleep if there’s the possibility that there might be something more exciting than coronation street on one of the many channels… Probably not for most people, that is, but as a Libra I have issues with balance. I’m an all or nothing girl, leaving me with some traits similar to an addictive personality! Let’s put it this way: Self control is not a strength of mine.

Tiny bottles of booze! They actually exist! This totally made my holiday. Well. This and the tiny Shoe Shine kit.

And my view. I love hotels.

So some stuff I actually did on holiday:

Threw myself at my bed. Repeatedly. I also bounced (enthusiastically) on the bed. Twice. The above is me mid-landing.

Got a manicure that made my nails look like they were painted with melted gold. Every so often I’d look down and mutter ‘shiny‘ under my breath. I also had (yet another) manicurist laugh at how small my nails are.

Ate Breakfast on my birthday in Clive Square with a lone sleepy duck.

I also took myself on a wee photo tour of the area. Napier is the Art Deco Capital of New Zealand, because it was almost completely destroyed back in 1931 by a huge earthquake. When the city was rebuilt, it was done in the style of the day!

I also brought this:

It put me over budget a little, but it was totally worth it!

So yeah. I still have a bunch of petting zoo photos, and more of Colin, the 5 legged Sheep, but I’ll share those tomorrow some time!



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