That time I went to a petting zoo for my 26th Birthday.

So Yeah. I really did it.

And I met a five legged sheep called colin on the way:

It was pretty much exactly as awesome as you’d think… Which is to say: It was pretty awesome.

Look at all that glee on my face! Yeah. This is my life goal list in action people.

That’s not to say that the rest of the petting zoo wasn’t just as awesome. Except for the bit where Adey and I were nearly directly responsible for a goose attacking a duckling. Thankfully we managed to rescue him. (In other news, canadian grey geese are freaking nasty and territorial when there’s nesting involved!)

Look! It’s Karlie and a goat! Karlie my friend who I think is most likely to grow up and own goats. I can see her in 20 years time making goat cheese and living on an organic farm.

And little baby lambs! Ah so cute. Later they all fell asleep in a pile of cuteness under our picnic table in the shade.

And this dude? This is a goat. A goat with the most curly afro I’ve ever seen on an animal. And the weirdest thing? Their ears were SO SOFT.

These wee dudes were Peanut and Marmite, and I was so charmed I reached on in to pat them…

… And they sucked my fingers instead. It was pretty much as weird feeling as it looks. And then I had calf spit on my hand. Thankfully we were there with leslea and her daughter Victoria, so she whipped out a home-made antibacterial, hypoallergenic baby wipe. (also: I know people who carry things like this around with them?! AWESOME.)

 Ah so cute! Thankfully I’m still unmoved on my no-thank-you stance on the breeding, but I’ll happily admit that *some* babies are cute. When they’re not crying or vomiting. Or pooping.

And the last birthday petting zoo experience I wanted to share? these dudes, they’re KuneKune Pigs. The brown one snored the whole time, but the stripy one begged for corn, so I threw some at his upturned piggy mouth…

… And accidentally got a bit of dried corn in it’s nose! opps.

And that reminds me. I should book another dental appointment for next month!


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