A delightfully random look at my brain on a Sunday morning.

Last night I built a fort with Jasmyne. We sat in it and drank wine while watching cartoons.

This morning I ate brownie for breakfast, and curled up in a pile of fluffy pillows in the fort. If only all of life could be conduced from within a fort. That would be awesome. And badass. In a whimsical and free kind of badass way.

Today I’m rearranging the lounge. If I manage not to break anything, it will be an absolute miracle. I decided not the tell the girls that though. They tend to get all jumpy if I’m not 100% confident about my crazy plans. And if they start second guessing me, then I will too, and I already second guess myself enough. It’s like one of my TKD heros is always telling me: fake it till you make it. The funny thing is, faking confidence actually really does work. Just saying ‘Definitely turn Left’ makes Left seem like it was the only real option. How could anything go wrong if you turn Left?

I should definitely watch Fight Club in here. This is pretty much what forts are all about.

I’m also doing a little flat-explorating in my fort. What? That’s a word. I’m not flat hunting, because I’ve got a good couple of months to go, I’m just researching the market! Exploring my options, hypothetising on ideas… And therefore: explorating.

It’s utterly terrifying, thinking about living alone next year, but I think I’d like to try it. And this morning, while I was in the fort, I decided that I want to live in Miramar, to make getting to TKD easier. The other thing I decided was that if I don’t end up in Miramar, then I’m going to have to change TKD clubs because getting there and back is a bit of a mission. And that’s a freaking scary thing to think about too. A new TKD club means new scary people. It means I have to remember new names, and get comfortable making a total dick out of myself in front of new people… Which might just end up being a good challenge for next year.

Challenge or not, the thought of doing it makes me shake in my boots.


3 thoughts on “A delightfully random look at my brain on a Sunday morning.

  1. Yeah it is scary, but as (insert name here) says “Do something new that scares you every day”.
    Last week, I hid in the hallway and scared the crap out of Lisa!
    So she’s good!

  2. I don’t know – maybe the members of the new club will be hopeless, and it’ll be THEM who quake in their boots when YOU turn up. Kick arse!

  3. Oooh making the big move! Yay!! I never lived with other people after a certain point in college. I think I may have missed out!

    Living alone is really nice too. It’s nice to have solid “me” time. No one is bothered if you take an hour in the shower, or leave the dishes out, or eat nothing but Lucky Charms all day. I live close to a good friend of mine, so she and I still check in with each other . For example when Geekhiker visited me, I checked in with her a few times so she would know he didn’t chop me into little bits. 🙂

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