Could I solicit an opinion?

Ignore the lipstick (really NOT my colour) … But would I make a good blonde? And if so, what shade?

1. 2.






Also? Good god, I just spent Saturday night photoshopping celebrity hair onto myself. And eating pre-halloween candy. And I haven’t been to the gym in four weeks. And If I’m being honest with myself, I’ve spent the last few weekends spending every spare moment curled up on my bed watching teen movies, because making the effort to do stuff is hard.

I think perhaps I’m not doing so good right now.




4 thoughts on “Could I solicit an opinion?

  1. 3 is the best for a natural shade, and if you’re looking for dramatic-def 4 the rest are too yellow and 7 feels like a bit agey to me.

    Is it just weekends, or are weekdays hard too? I suggest stretching.I stretch out my arms in bed then get up and stretch my legs. I imagine as I’m stretching that my depressed feelings are like a shell around me, and that as I stretch, it breaks up into pieces and falls away.
    And there’s nothing wrong with having a nice jammie and silly movie day. But I think as we get older, we need to do stuff or else we start to feel all gloopy again.

  2. Yeah 3 is good.
    I think you need to keep the routine that you built for yourself. Having one day off and ‘sloppy joe’ day is good for the soul; but 4 weeks could be stretching it a little.

    If you want something good for the soul – volunteer for anything: city mission, SPCA.
    Check out

    (I think SPCA would be right up your alley)

  3. 3 is totally my pick for you too. Dont go for orange shades.
    Go check out the SPCA – now that the sun is coming, you could go out dog walking! Helping out AND spending time outside in the sun mooching about WITH DOGS! Hope you feel like doing stuff soon 🙂

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