Meat hair.

So I had kind of a bad weekend, because I’ve been pretty low on energy lately .

I did help out at a competition on Saturday for a bit, but it was kind of stressful, and instead of sticking it out, I decided that I’d let someone else take on the second half of the day – kids don’t deserve to be met with my cranky bear face at their first competition, because of issues that have nothing to do with them.

I narrowed down the ‘blonde’ issue – 100% of all three people polled agree that I should go with this kind of a dark honey blonde colour:

Although, I have to admit, I was really hoping for the Lady Gaga silver-white meat hair look. I think I lack the brand of crazy that is needed to pull that off though.


This morning I managed to rock up to work EARLY. Or. Well, technically on time, but WAY early for me. The office is a different place before 9am, that’s for sure!

And I just spent my morning break writing to the volunteer coordinator at the Wellington SPCA. I want to do puppy socialization with them if I can!

And finally? Unrelated to anything else in this post, do you think it would be considered anti-social if I marched over and smashed a colleagues cellphone into a million pieces, before jumping up and down on it’s stupid ringtone with my biggest, baddest heels? (Does anyone else get this brand of desk-rage?)


One thought on “Meat hair.

  1. Oh dear, you definitely need a day off.

    I say if you want to go platinum, do it! It’s your hair dammit!:D

    And yeah, I’ve had those days when i just wanted to tell the whole world to stop intruding. And hello, if you’re sharing an office space, I think it’s only courteous to put your phone on vibrate. I don’t recommend the heel attack though. You might damage your shoes…

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