What makes you nervous?

Jumping kicks. Also flying kicks. So, jumping kicks are straight up and down – used to gain height, and flying kicks, you move laterally, so you can use them to gain distance and height.

Except, I’m not really a jumpy person. I’m built to stay close to the ground. I use high heels, rather than defying the laws of speed and gravity, to gain height. Leaving the ground makes me nervous.

Also? Being hit in the face. I hate it. So sparring is kind if hard because I find it hard to keep my eyes open, if I know there’s a fist coming at my face. Instead I close them and wait for impact – which most people will tell you is not an effective block.


2 thoughts on “What makes you nervous?

  1. I think I would be nervous if I thought someone was going to kick/hit me in the face. I’d probably flinch too. I dunno, because we’re built to do that?

    And feet in the face? ew. 🙂 All the more reason to close your eyes!

  2. Hi.

    I know this is random, but my name is Caitlin and I’ve been directed to your blog by your father, whom I know through the Targa Rally (my fiance is the son of one of the medics on the team). He told me about it because I told him at dinner that I’m a budding writer (trashy contemporary romance for the most part) and thought I’d enjoy reading this.

    Having just read this entry, I find myself curious. Do you do a martial art? If so which one? I am a red belt in Taekwon-Do.

    PS: I HATE jumping and flying kicks too. I have weak ankles so the landing part of jumping always scares the crap out of me.

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