The one where ‘OH GOD THE RENT’ is closely followed by an application to work at an online ‘adult’ supplies store.

So. Today I found out for certain that I’m going to be jobless at the end of November. Unfortunately my contract won’t be extended out again.

So on one hand there’s wild terror, because OH GOD THE RENT. But on the other there’s a bit of relief, because I’m not really being challenged where I am, and it leaves me frustrated at the end of the week.

SO. When I got home I jumped straight online – where all the jobs live – and started brainstorming which lead to a cover letter that started like this:

I’m a big fan of, and would really love a chance to work with you. I have a real interest in human sexuality and the effects of social, political, and cultural influences. I consider myself a feminist, with a healthy, well-informed attitude towards sex and sexual health.

And just for the record? I’d be pretty damn proud of working for them, because they have an awesome company. And they write articles for university newsletters, women’s magazines… So I figure they might be looking for someone to do comms with them.. And if they are? Well then they’ll have my CV.

Other job avenues I’m working with are sort of top secret until my package arrives from Norway. I’ll give you a hint as to what’s in it, though: Business cards. That I ordered at 12pm at night, when I was bored. I’m going to see if I can match my imaginary job-descriptions. Any guesses as to what I chose to brand myself?


4 thoughts on “The one where ‘OH GOD THE RENT’ is closely followed by an application to work at an online ‘adult’ supplies store.

  1. I love how pro-active you are! Most people would just sit around and sulk-well, I would sit around and sulk. I am completely stumped at your business cards, maybe one says Director of Public Relations?

  2. Haha, thank you! I am proactive, huh!

    Although, now I read back that opening line, I’m wondering how many times it too many times to use ‘sex’ or one of the many variants in a cover letter!

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