Going blonde is actually going to take a few months.

Well. I just spent the last five hours in the hair salon, lightening the ever-loving shit out of my hair.

I went in with purple-black, and came out with… Well it’s sort of dark brown with ashy blonde? It’s the first stage in going full-blown blonde, because when I told my hairdresser what I wanted she told me flat out that she wasn’t going to do it in one fell-swoop, because it would destroy my hair, and she would cry if I made her burn beautifully conditioned hair for the sake of being an icy blonde. that was just fine with me, because I would cry if my hair fell out at my scalp, and singed to a frizzle on my head because of the bleach.

Anyway, so we both came to a happy medium.

BUT to get there she had to tone down what she affectionately called my ‘warm tones’ basically the purple, pink and orange patches that were lingering after that last disastrous week with three boxes of hair dye, and WAY too much time on my hands.

Anyway, we ended up getting  little blue toning, which freaked her right out, but pleased the hell out of me. She kept telling me how the tone would age over the next few washes, and I kept telling her that I really didn’t care, because she might not have always wanted me to have blue hair, but I did.

Anyway. The result I can’t really show you because it’s dark, and I’m not exactly clothed, so it’ll take a photo in the morning on the way to work.

Oh. Except I do have this that Jasmyne took for me for work. Just… Don’t ask about what I’m wearing because it’s far too complicated to explain in a way that makes me sound not crazy.

And actually, now that I look at it, that’s not the colour my hair is right now, so I’ll definitely take a photo in the morning.



3 thoughts on “Going blonde is actually going to take a few months.

  1. 😀 Love the picture, even if it’s not a accurate representation of today’s hair. And whatta nice hair dresser, looking out for you and not wanting to burn your head off! It’ll be exciting to hear about the progression of lightening 🙂

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