I am the Spin Queen.

I’ve been busy interviewing and applying for jobs lately. It’s t-minus 15 days until I’m out on my butt and shivering in the street.

(I joke.) (Sort of.)

I’ve had a couple of phone interviews, and a lot of action from recruitment firms, and I’ve applied for every job I’ve seen so far, but I have had not actual face-to-face interviews with companies yet. I’m kind of shivering in my boots about that… Or at least I would be if I owned boots, and if I had time for shivering in them. Instead I’m busy with organising the biggest event I’ve ever been involved with, and wrestling with an overactive to-do list.

I swear, I went out for an hour to meet a recruitment agent this afternoon, and my to-do list doubled in size. The little highlighter marks I use to mark high-priority jobs are breeding like rabbits.

In other news, I’m perfecting my sales pitch. At the moment, when I tell people what it is I do, it makes me sound like I should be looking at jobs where I’ll be followed around by men in black suits talking to each other in tiny lapel microphones. Also like I should have an assistant who runs around ahead of me with a clipboard, and blank paper for autographs.

I am the Spin Queen ladies and gentlemen! Fingers crossed that gets me a job.


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