Two days ago I brought a Moon In My Room online. (Pretty much you can get anything online these days.) It’s a moon that you can control by remote control. I’m ridiculously excited about it arriving. Haters might start wondering at this point what the point is of having a remote controlled moon in my room is, to which I answer: You’re all just jealous. Think of all the quality remote control phases of the moon action that you’re all missing out on! Won’t somebody think of the children!

In other news, yesterday was a shitty day for me so I walked home the long way, and got some baklava. Then I chilled out in bed eating baklava and watching the last few shows from season two of Glee. I was originally going to start this story by telling you all about how it ended with me having to strip my sheets, because I got honey syrup everywhere, but then I figured that perhaps it would be better to give you context, because I don’t want you all sitting here thinking I’m doing sexy things with honey in bed by myself while watching Glee. Except doing it this way really takes the funny out of the situation.

And finally? We asked our cleaner to clean out the work fridge, so she obliged by leaving a stinking, rotting pile of food on the bench. Wow. Good job. How about next time we take it all the way to the bin? It was only an extra step away!! Yick.


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  1. I don’t think the question is why would you buy the moon; more, where do I sign up?
    Who wouldn’t want to see the dark side of the moon where all the aliens have there summer/winter homes? and where only Pink Floyd have been, hense their appropriately named album.

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