I have my first serious interview of the season today – by which I mean, the first interview with an actual HR person from the company in question, rather than just through a recruitment agent.

I’m kind of nervous. And by kind of, I mean, I’m A LOT nervous. A lot, a lot.

I forgot my lunch this morning. I had a last minute morning meeting with a recruitment agent this morning. I’m not wearing a shirt…. But I am wearing a blazer. I have that big work thing tomorrow, which means a 5am start and much traveling. I forgot my passport for this afternoons interview. (Mostly because I’ve never been asked to produce a passport at a first interview before!)

In essence? I’m feeling a little out of my depth this morning. A little behind the eight ball. So I thought I’d just come on here and blurt it all out so that I can go sit somewhere quiet with a cup of tea, and prepare properly for my interview. I don’t have to keep thinking about the fact that I forgot my stupid lunch. Except I probably will, because it was going to be DELICIOUS! I made beef stew in the slow cooker last night, and this morning while I was getting ready for my (half hour notice!!) interview I kept thinking “don’t you forget that stew, because it will be AWESOME.”

Then I did.

Ok. Shannon. Stop dwelling on the stew. You have an interview in an hour.

Oh god. I just caught sight of my hair. I SWEAR it looked nothing like this, this morning when I left the house.


5 thoughts on “Nervous

  1. Hope it went well! And at least you don’t have to cook dinner tonight now, you can eat the stew 🙂

  2. Oh! Oh! I got invited back for coffee with some other members of the team to see if I’d fit!!

    And a lady at my current work hinted at a possible job that they might think about maybe lining me up for!

    And I’m being invited to interview with a big awesome service provider!

    AND I got a call to say I can go on the intro course that all spca volunteers have to go on before they can play with the animals!

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