Three Gifts

So I was watching a recording of a Sleeping Beauty ballet the other day. It was all very pretty and nice, with a huge cast of dancers from Paris. To be honest, though, I was expecting a little more. It was a little… I dunno. Old fashioned?

Anyway. It got me thinking about the story of Sleeping Beauty. It’s an OLD story, and generally it kind of shows it these days. I mean the big thing that got me thinking was these gifts that the godmother fairies offer.

The first three godmothers go with Beauty, Wit, and Musical Talent. The baddie steps in and offers Death (who invited the downer?) And the last godmother wafts by with Cheating Death.

Now, as gifts go, Death, and Cheating Death are the most practical. But Those first three? What a waste of time for the modern woman!! How about bravery, instead of beauty? That’s what I’d want. Wit?? Seriously? You’re telling me you’d rather she can crack a joke and entertain people with witty chatter, than that she has wisdom? Intelligence? Perhaps even a social consciousness?

And as for Musical Talent… Well I mean, as far as talents go… I’m not sure that one’s particularly useful these days – unless you want to make a living as a pop-star, and even then talent doesn’t generally come into it. I think if it were up to me to pass on a talent, well I’d go with something like ‘the ability to understand bus timetables’ or Budgeting/ stock market talent, or something useful like that. I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to make a buck out of 50c?


So if it was you… what would your three gifts be?


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