Job News

Alrighty News! Woho!

So. I was offered an awesome job (or… er… actually a few of them. But I only accepted one) with a company that specialises in renewable energy. Wo!

The big deciding factor for me was the team. They seem awesome, so I just can’t wait to work with them! It’s another short-term project – so only a six month contract, but I’m happy to take the risk in order to build up experience and work with this company.

So yeah. Exciting. Also Exciting? In the interview they asked me how I felt about learning how to drive a four-wheel drive… I told them I felt pretty awesome about it actually. Now I can’t wait! Only I start next week, and the two people in the team I know, and suspect would normally be doing project initiation stuff with? Well they’re on leave. So. I’m not really sure how it’s going to start out. I may begin by being the highest paid coffee and photocopy girl ever – which I’m fine with for now.

In other news the bro is in town (sort of) training so we’re catching up this week. AND on Wednesday I’m heading to the SPCA to do a volunteer orientation course! I’m so freaking excited! And I have to go out and find referee costumes! Eek! By Friday!

I’m thinking of pairing mine with a skirt and high socks… That would do it… Right? With a whistle and some red and yellow cards? I mean, it’s not exactly vintage sport (which is the theme) but it’s close enough I think!

In other news… I’m heading out to visit family this weekend. And I haven’t exactly told Mum about the fact that my hair is a bold new colour. So… I was thinking… I should probably chuck in a few pink streaks, right? Because what’s the use of lightning your hair if you can’t temporarily dye it pink to freak out your mother?



3 thoughts on “Job News

  1. congrats on the new job, altho from subsequent posts i see you’re having a great time with the tech people…LOL…

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