Best Orientation Course EVER

Whoops. I just got caught reading blogs at work. I hate it when that happens. I always feel the need to explain that I don’t smoke, so instead of taking smoking breaks, I take internet breaks.

Besides, I can barely move after yesterday’s gym efforts (first step class in 6 months) (oh god my ass) and this mornings power shopping (I knocked off half my Christmas list in under an hour.) So it’s not like I could get up and down the stairs to the smokers area anyway.

Despite the fact that I’m walking at a modified hobble, I’m totally planning on heading to our local animal shelter tonight for some quality rolling around on the ground with puppies and kittens time. I can’t wait. I haven’t been this excited about volunteer work since I helped out with horse care at riding for the disabled when I was a teenager. I mean, I do it. But I’m rarely as excited about it as when it involves small fluffy animals, or large sleepy horses.

I even dressed for the occasion, today at work I’m wearing my best ‘get fur all over me’ black pants, and a top, and necklace that screams ‘I am a responsible person that you want to let hold that puppy.’

So we’re having an impromptu family Christmas this weekend, out at Mum’s place because the parental units both have plans for Christmas. Of course we only decided this on Monday. And me, being me, hadn’t started ANY Christmas shopping until… erm…. 8:00am this morning. So the fact I’ve managed to get 40% of my gifts already? Well it’s nothing short of a miracle. A Christmas Miracle.

I wonder if that means this is the year Santa finally brings me that Kitten I’ve been asking for?

Also: How DARE you insinuate that this post is simply an excuse for using cute pictures of animals I found online? Obviously that allegation is totally untrue. If it was true there’d be many more photos. 


3 thoughts on “Best Orientation Course EVER

  1. Sounds like fun! I think I’m a little too sympathetic to the poor helpless critters and I would actually find it heartbreaking to do volunteer work with the animals and not be able to take ALL of them home with me at the end of the day. Good for you!

  2. I love volunteering at my local SPCA. I often go down and walk their dogs for them, take them for a run in a local park. And then go and play with the kitties.

    Of course my cat hates it when I come home smelling of other animals, she looks at me like I’m some sort of traitor.

    But she forgives me within an hour so it’s all good. Hope you had a great time playing with the puppies and the kitties. It’s a wonderful organisation.

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