Dear Blog

Hi there blog! I’ve missed you over the week I’ve been off adventuring. It’s been pretty busy here, though blog. I know you understand…

So Monday was my first day of my new job. It was exciting. I was issued a laptop (Ah!) a Blackberry (AHHH!) and a high visibility day-glow vest. I broke the laptop twice before 12pm, and then managed to accidentally wipe all the formating from the blackberry, roughly an hour after it was handed to me in it’s shiny new box. In other news I met all the IT guys, and they pretty much all frown when they see me coming towards them with the newest piece of tech I’ve managed to trash.

After I was finished destroying everything valuable, I got a tour of the new building, which is the nicest place I’ve worked by far. It’s two meters from the harbor waterfront, and has huge glass panels everywhere, and I think it might also be part transformer, because the windows open and close by themselves, and the lights dim and brighten whenever they feel like it, and I think there’s a sensor on Level two, that will make you a piece of toast and a cup of tea if you stand in front of it for long enough.

On my second day I got named a champion of our document management system. I think it was because someone overheard me saying I’d used it before and thought it was a great system. I’m not really sure what being a champion entails, but I’m hoping it means I get knighted at some point.

Today I spent my day out on the Wind Farm – Actually I spent half of Monday out there too – but today was the big trip complete with four wheel driving, and helmets and startled cows. I snapped a few pictures while I was standing around pretending to be casual about the fact I GET TO WORK ON A FARM!

Ok. And I was going to brag more, but I have to go double check I have the right supplies and games for the last TKD training of the year, because they asked me to make up some fun things to do involving eggs and water balloons!


3 thoughts on “Dear Blog

  1. eggs and water balloons? that sounds like good old messy fun!

    Oooh your new job sounds fancy and fun! and it’s GOOD to meet your IT guys right away. They should train you on new equipment anyway (although training seems to be archaic 😦 )

    That’s a farm?! It’s so green!!

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