Second week of …

Second week of the new job Ladies and Gents! I’m still here!

Although – it is a week before Christmas, and I’m mourning my not-so-extra-long holiday already. I kind of wish I’d taken this week off. At least that way I would have avoided having to call IT for the fourth time today.

Pretty much the only people I know really well here are the lady who just gave me chocolate (I should go find her name) and the IT desk guys. I’ve even made friends witht he ones in Christchurch because I have to call them first thing in the morning to do a recovery on my computer. EVERY MORNING.

Anyway. This next issue has me about to explode with frustration for my uncooperative laptop, so I thought I’d come over here and wave hi: Hi!

I also thought I’d test the limits of the internet policy here. So far it seems to be going ok… I haven’t had any “IT HAVE PUT YOU ON THE NAUGHTY LIST” emails yet. It’s important to find out exactly where the limits are on these things.

So anyway. Escapism. Guess what I did this weekend? If you guessed played with kittens you’d be half right. Half right, because There were also puppies and a few fledgling wild birds. It was GREAT.At one point I had a tiny fluffy kitten on each shoulder, one climbing up through my hair, and one clawing it’s way up my teeshirt. (Apparently kittens like to be high. The higher the better.) 

And there was this gorgeous HUGE old dog, who I made friends with in the vet clinic, and we played for a bit before she wandered over and put her huge head onto my knees and waited for me to scratch her ears. Sweet! If I could justify bringing a 80 kg dog home to a city house with no backyard, then I would have snuck her out under my coat right then and there.

Volenteering is awesome!


2 thoughts on “Second week of …

  1. Brother Unit said your official title was “Greeter” of all things recieved?
    Glad you’re enjoying it.
    Surely somethings wrong with the laptop/blackberry? Are they used or new?

    Have a very merry Christmas, hugs to your flatties.

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