Things to do while you’re waiting for your tech to work properly at work

1. Decorate your new pod with colourful postcards. Because nothing says ‘Hi I’m the new girl’ like a grey walled pod.

2. Prod hesitantly at the mass of twisted cables under your desk, ok you’re not an IT person, but surely you can figure this out on your own… Right?

3. Remove a few of the more disturbing postcards from your new pod – Mostly because you’ve just noticed that no one else has personal stuff, and you have arty pictures of monsters, crows, and zombies.

4. Read your work health and wellness policy.

5. Ok. Only half of it.

6. Or just the first page and a half.

7. Put up the rest of your postcards – EVEN the slightly weird ones – because SO WHAT that no one else has colourful stuff. I hate grey walls.

8. Try to find the stationary supply and print stations. Apparantly there are 9 stations in the building. I’ve only found three.

9. Wonder where the rest of your team is. Surely you’re not the only person who showed up today?

10. Remember that they’re off doing a turbine climb.

11. Try to find the meeting room with the best view of the water front.

12. Appologise for barging into that guys vidcon. He looked kind of important, but I’m sure he’s not… CEO’s don’t forget to wear a tie to work… Right?

13. Learn the name of the nice lady who says good morning to you, and gives you chocolate sometimes.

14. Figure out where the locker room and showers are that everyone talks about.

15. Give up on finding anything, and instead work on figuring out where you are right now, and what direction your desk is in.

16. Admit you’re lost and ask for directions.

17. Print off a building map.

18. Call IT again and beg for help.


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