Catching up on catching up.

So Christmas was fun this year. I mean, it usually is, right? It’s never quite like it was as a kid, but It’s nice just not having to go to work. It was even nicer knowing that I didn’t have to be on my best behaviour. It was just me this christmas because we’d done the family thing earlier in the month, and all the Wellington based people were off doing non-Wellington based things.

I made an elaborate delicious dinner, hung out with animals and gifted myself a few things that I really really wanted (chief among them was a set of GHD’s.)

I also had another one of those moments where all the tension drains out of your body, and you realise that actually? You REALLY REALLY needed some time alone. I’ve been finding it really hard lately to stay mentally present when I’m hanging out with friends. I find myself getting disconnected and then I’ll abruptly realise I’ve done nothing but sit and spend time in my head when I’m supposed to be spending time with mates.

It’s frustrating.

And it makes conversation difficult.

Anyway, so Christmas was a bit of time out for me from that. for the rest of my brief holiday I did a bit of trekking around, and traveled on a bus like no other.  Someone had vomited on one of the seats so it stank for a start. Also my seatback was broken, so I couldn’t lean on it because it would fall off. And the best bit was that every time the bus reached 100km/h and hit a bump, the door would fly open. The scary bit was that the driver seemed unconcerned about all of it. I mean, dude, this is not a third world country. It is not normal to be speeding along the highway with passengers leaning out the door trying to yank it shut.

So what did you do for Christmas?


One thought on “Catching up on catching up.

  1. Much the same …although I didn’t sit much on a bus reaking of sick…But I did spend to much time eating and conversing with that little voice in my head…and then when it was all over…said to myself I should have took time to write more and catch up with friends…nice to meet you..ELiza Keating

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