One step closer to owning my own car. And world domination.

One of the women I work with has very kindly been donating some of her time for driving lessons in the work tanks. I say tanks because.. Well they’re massive. They are taller than I am, and require a sort of  running jump to get into.

Another issue is that they’re manual. I haven’t driven a manual since I was 15 and my driving instructor took me (screaming) at 40km/h down a 100km/h road full of farmers with rage issues.

I seemed to be picking it up ok today. I only formed a couple of granny queues, and managed to get through my first intersection without a single bunnyhop!! That’s a first! Now I have to learn how to drive it on farmland. Oh. And start on a hill… Because that’s freaking HARD. I know because some of those bunnyhoppy granny queued stally intersections were on slight slopes. 

Oh well. It’s not like farmland is going to be hilly, right? Right?! 



5 thoughts on “One step closer to owning my own car. And world domination.

  1. arh, if I remember correctly, learning to ride a bike was …. eventful!
    (You will not be allowed to get out of the car and walk away!) lol

    Luck, and remember, if it don’t fit, don’t force it (gear wise)

  2. Riiiiight… Farmland will be flat as a board. 😉

    Driving a manual transmission is fun, when you’re not in start-and-stop traffic ALL THE TIME. I kind of miss mine. Take it easy and enjoy yourself. You’ll get the hang of it and then it’ll be no big deal. The steepest hills can still be a wee bit intimidating, but nothing you can’t handle.

    I don’t know if this helps, or is even feasible, but when I was learning to drive a “stick shift”, I was told to apply the parking break (has to be a hand break) and then rev the engine till I got a little torque, then release the hand break. It helps keep you from rolling back and gives you time to switch pedals without stalling the vehicle. Give it a try if you’ve got a hand break.

    Good luck! You’re gonna be great!

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