Up-sides and downsides. (Luckily the upsides are WAY worth it!!)

So I got angry this weekend. REALLY ANGRY.

I’ve been pretty low energy lately, and have been keeping to myself, but I’m still making what seems like a monumental effort to get out to the animal shelter here. Mostly because it makes me feel damn good.

Anyway this Friday I get a last minute call asking me to come in early in the morning. Doing a bit of mental eye rolling (because I HATE late notice. It’s tacky) I agreed.

Anyway I show up, and spend a few hours having to listen to the receptionists bitch about how useless all the volunteers are, and how it’s a shitty system that they have put in for my particular type of volunteer. On top of that not one of them bothered to learn my name. (That annoys me too. I think it’s bad manners to expect someone to work for you without even learning their name.)

So about half an hour after my shift ends I stop off, and give them a quick update, and all of a sudden one of the receptionists got really nasty asking why I hadn’t done something I didn’t actually know was expected of me. I explained the lack of knowledge issue, and instead of accepting it and moving on she starts telling me about how this should have been explained to me by my ‘supervisor’ who I’ve never met seen, or hear from before.

So I have to explain that, and this lady just gets angrier and angrier and starts asking why I’m leaving before a replacement has arrived…


So I looked her in the eye and told her that I was sorry. But I had somewhere to be, and my shift ended twenty minutes ago.

I’m pretty sure she was just taking her frustration on a badly organised system out on me, but the whole way home I stewed and though up nasty responses to her, and planned a complaints letter (that I never sent, because it’s actually not a biggie.) Still. Gah. And this isn’t even the first time the people there have made me feel completely unwelcome. Generally speaking, the paid staff there seem to treat their volunteers pretty badly! And for an organisation that runs through so many volunteer staff  in a year, you’d think they’d have better volunteer organisation processes.

Oh well. I’m not even angry any more, because I just remembered the baby gull that pooped on my hand when I accidentally scared it. (I got to feed him catfood from a teaspoon! And there was a skinny and thirsty kitty that desperately wanted to sit on me the whole time he was in my consult room. He’d just been rescued after a week on his own in  an abandoned house. I think he wanted to make sure I didn’t leave.

Love the animals, but the people could use some work.


3 thoughts on “Up-sides and downsides. (Luckily the upsides are WAY worth it!!)

  1. You’re volunteering, so they don’t pay you right? She’s the one getting paid? Sooooooooo…

    I agree with you. The people DEFINITELY need work. Definitely.

  2. Sometimes animals are just way better than humans! Its shocking that she treated you badly. Goodness! You volunteer! She should make you coffee (with a biscuit!) magtig!

  3. Agreed! NZ would not be able to function without volunteers (Fire, Ambulance, SPCA, Community patrol etc). We are a small island in a big world. Obviously someone didn’t get a date to the prom, or the right Christmas gift!
    My advice:- do as you did. Take the high road; explain in words shorter than two syllables that they called you in on an off day! That they wanted you for unpaid work, and that if she doesn’t change her attitude, you’ll get the baby gull (who I’m sure you have full control of by now) to drop a little deposit. Then ‘wolk awae’

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