Monday I spy a suitable car online. I battle my fear of sounding like an idiot while talking about cars and mechanicals things in order to call the woman who owns the car. She does not know what a cam-belt is. I quietly revel in my superior knowledge.

Wednesday I test drive the car with the owner perched like a small flighty bird in the passenger seat. I spend the entire drive feeling like I’m talking her down from a tall building. She spends the entire drive clinging to the door brace and nervously twitching as I drive 10 below the speed limit. Despite this, I love the car.

Thursday I daydream about doing groceries without taxis, and budget like I have never budgeted before.

Friday I make an appointment with my personal banker. He raises his eyebrows at the A3 foldable, referenced, and forecasting budget I lay out in front of him, along with insurance quotes, loan repayment plans and milage data. 

He trips over his tounge trying not to sound judgemental about my ‘organisation issues’. Little does he know this is the most organised I’ve been in my life when it comes to finance. Usually I reach mid-week wondering if I should spend my last 4.98 on bus fares, dried pasta, or a big bag of maltesers. Maltesers nearly always win.

Saturday I volenteer with animals, and imagine a large boxer-mastif cross hanging his head out of an imaginary back window. I buy an AA membership, and book a pre-purchase inspection.

Sunday I sign into my bank account and marvel at the money sitting there. Then I bury my goldfish. Jean-Paul is no more.

Monday I chew my way through a pack of tic-tacs, and imagine being able to drive myself… Well anywhere, really…

Tomorrow I could be the new owner of personal transportation.



5 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Good luck! Or Congratulations! Which ever one is most in order as you read this. 🙂

    Sorry about the fishy, though.

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