Colleague: Whatcha eating?

Me: Pixie balls.

So last night I was up until the wee hours of the morning. I mean, I tried REALLY hard not to be, but every time I closed my eyes I’d be overcome with a bolt of panic and have to sit up and turn on the light and send another email, or write another note to myself or jot down another idea.

And the weirdest thing?? This wasn’t even medication/ depression/ mental health related panic. Oh no: yesterday I got given a big project to look afer by one of the dudes I do martial arts with. I took one look at it and thought “He wants me to organise HOW MANY people?! With less than a months notice?! WTF?!” but then I said I’d do it, because I love event organisation, and being involved in a tiny bit of one this high-profile is a good way to build skillz. Nevertheless, there is still a LOT to be done. And I have less than 26 days to do it all in. And so every so often I have to stop and put my head between my knees and remind myself that yes. It’s a big job, but that delegation is a gift.

And WHY IS NOBODY ANSWERING THEIR EMAILS. Come on people!! T-minus 614 hours!

Anyway. So I was up forever, and then I finally got to sleep, only to snooze my alarm until ohfuckI’mlate O’Clock. Then I taxied to work and have spent my day pursuing my personal vendetta against IT, and taking covert calls from the event organisers – who, frankly I think should be just a tiny bit MORE organised. Just my opinion.

And now I’m waiting for the AA to report back on the potentially awesome car that I might potentially own. Maybe. But he’s taking is sweet time about it! Frustrating!

Is anyone else rocking back and forwards on their chair with a strange mix of fear, panic and excitement? No? Just me? Must have been the Pixie Balls.


9 thoughts on “Balls

  1. Huh. Just as I hit post, the car mechanical report arrived. And I’m making my ‘hmmmm’ face at it because it has words like corrosion and boot drain channel… also Worn and Drivebelt are paired… hmm. It’s like some sort of a… code. I swear he’s trying to tell me something. Just,: what?

  2. What’s a Pixie Ball?

    I find unclear communication in the workplace, especially with tight deadlines and high expectations, to be a huge source of frustration. Barf! Hopefully you get some clarity to the “code”

  3. You mentioned a brilliant word in there: Delegation!
    Make sure you use it to it’s fullest. That will get you thru if you can trust
    that person.
    Good luck.

  4. “OhfuckI’mlate O’clock” seems to be my standard getting up time, these days. That made me laugh out loud. I love it.

    So…. yeah! What is a pixie ball?

  5. Hmm, corrosion is a worry; we had a car that needed many patches of rust fixed and it aint cheap. Ask a mechanic how much the other things could potentially cost?

    BTW, what species of car is it?

    I’m doing the rocking thing/not sleeping thing a bit at the moment too… ERO arrives 12pm on Tuesday, and we have only been in class for 2 days! You try fill walls with work and meaningful things with 5 year olds with the concentration span of a Pixie Ball, as well as make sure EVERYTHING paperworkwise is done. GARGH!

  6. Worn drive-belt = bad. If that snaps car = screwed. Get that replaced ASAP.

    Also is the TKD event you mentioned the Wellington Regionals? If you need more officials, scream out cos we can put together a car load or two of em and ship em down for you.

    Deep breaths. Speaking from experience, these things have a way of working themselves out. Make sure you delegate or you will go crazy.

    Stay cool. ^_^

  7. Hey Caitlin, thanks 🙂 It’s actually the Wellington Round the bays. We’re supplying the marshalls for it, and we need roughly 75 by the 11th! Eek! If you happen to know of anyone who perhaps wants to be in the area definitely send them my way!!

  8. Hey Adey!
    Turns out it wasn’t so bad corrosion-wise, just a wee bit on the boot drain. All in all it was fixable. so I took it. So. I am now a car owner. With a vehicle. A HOLDEN vehicle!

    You’ll be spectacular for ERO. You’re an awesome teacher! And if you need someone to come draw pictures of ponies and parrots on your walls you know who to call!

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