I shall call her Jane. She’s a Jane kind of car.

Sometimes it feels like I’ve got some of my wiring crossed over – like when I’m stressed, or excited? It becomes panic. And if I’m stressed or excited enough? Well the panic sort of fills me up, surrounds, and submerges me until I can’t tell which way is up, and whether I’m excited, stressed, or genuinely panicked.

I mention this because yesterday I brought a car. Approximately two seconds later I figured out that actually this is pretty stressful. I mean, I have a car. A car. Where do I park it? I couldn’t get online to buy insurance before late last night, and so I spent the whole day at work trying to figure out what to do with the car until it was insured, and had a spot in a parking garage secured (Because the council and resident’s parking forms are too much for me to deal with right now!)

So yeah, panic and crazy, and worry, and I was late on the bus, and I found a plan for parking and decided to just get out of Wellington till Monday night… and then I picked up the car, and everything just sort of… settled.

I’ve really missed having my own transportation. It used to make me feel trapped, being out in the suburbs with Taekwon Do, or the SPCA, and knowing that if a bus didn’t come… well I wasn’t going to be able to walk anywhere in a hurry. I hated having to taxi home from the supermarket. Put bluntly? It sucked. And it burnt cash faster than just plain old setting it alight would have.

And as for getting out to early morning tournaments, or going diving, or doing one-off trips out to the outer reaches? Getting to Napier and back? Visiting the parental units? Fuggeddaboudit. Which is my way of saying : VERY BIG DRAMA.

So now I have a car. An insured car. Housed in a parking building literally a hop-step-and-jump away from my house. It’s costing me an arm and leg, but car owners tell me that’s normal with a car. Everything costs an arm and a leg, unless it’s mechanical, and then we’re talking vital organs. Like kidneys. That’s fine though. I have two of those. I can afford a kidney every now and then!

In other news I did a site visit for the TKD thing, that I have to find all the people for? And… Well I’m stressing the numbers. But I’ll either get them, or I won’t and I’ll give them plenty of notice to find replacements. Simple. I think the key for surviving the stress is recognising what I cannot change, and letting it go. I can’t do everything for everyone, so instead I’ll just concentrate on doing an awesome job of what I can control!

Simple. Right?!

Any advice for a new car owner?


4 thoughts on “I shall call her Jane. She’s a Jane kind of car.

  1. Congrats on the car!

    The first order of business is to become friends with a mechanic, who will give you a discount when something goes wrong with your car, or who can at least tell you which of those silly maintenance things you can skip.

  2. Often times “Simple” is not so easy. You’re off to a great start though.

    Congrats on the car, that’s super-exciting!

    Here’s my advice to a new car owner: When you haven’t had a car and the expenses that go with it, the money you’ll be paying out when you get the car can seem insane, BUT in a couple of months you’ll be writing those checks (or do you spell it cheques?) and thinking nothing of it. It’s just a matter of adjustment.

    Enjoy it!

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