So I just finished up my last long weekend of summer. It went pretty ok, I took the car to Mum’s to show it off, and clean it to a Mum-acceptable standard.

I also learnt about cutting compound, and about how it can magically remove pre-ownership scrapes. the scratches and dings are still there, but the scrapes are taken car of, and it makes them look loads better. Now I just have to concentrate on not running my gutters up against concrete curbs, and I’ll be set.

Ryan also put me on the back of his motorbike, and drove me around the back roads, and Oh. My. God. Once I’d gotten over my urge to scream every time we hit a turn, I decided that I want one. Immediately. Right now. Forget the car, cars are for pussies.

I mean, it was terrifying, but awesome, and your ass is hanging out over a whole shit-load of road rash and broken bones, and PAIN should you fall off, but WOW. I still want one. I’m already studying for my learners. For example, did you know that the speed limit for a motorbike on open road is holyshitohmygodthisissofuckingfastIthinkIjustpeedmyself.

It’s the closest thing I’ve felt to being on an out of control ex-racehorse since… Well since I was on an out of control ex-racehorse. Motorbikes are brilliant! I can’t wait to get one! (In five years when I’ve paid off my car loan, finally got my second tattoo, and lost 30kgs.)

In other news, for my birthday this year I’m going horse trekking, because I finally have a car to get out to the places where you can ride horses! Woho!

So to finish off this long weekend of driving, and hanging out with the family, us kids all got together and had dinner with dad and his partner, and it was the first time in YEARS we’ve all been around the table together. Ryan and Liam celebrated by telling everyone the truth about one of my longest running lies, and managed to make Dad and I actually cry we were laughing so hard. (Lucky for both the little snot-heads, the statuate of limitations on parental punishment for that one had long since passed.)

Oh, and naturally, tha car was awesome. I think I’ve already said that, but it needs saying again. I made a pretty good choice. It does have a lot of knobs and dials and things, and at one point I wasn’t too sure where the headlights were, and I did terrify myself by accidentally discovering cruise control on the motorway when I was looking for lights (hOLY. sHIT.) But now that I’ve read the manual, and pushed all the buttons (every last one of them) I think I’ve got it sorted.

And best of all? My car park is avaliable tonight! woho! No more dodging dodgy parking officials from our shiz-house council!



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  1. Was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. Really enjoyed it and hope/wish for many more. The bladder was tested! lol

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