Well this is embarrassing.

So you know how I was all ‘Yeah, pretty sure I’m dying. Just sayin’ Probably going to be a zombie tomorrow’ Actually… Probably I was exaggerating a little. My fever broke last night, and I woke up this morning able to speak in full sentences.

So. You know. Crisis averted. There’s probably no danger of me turning into a zombie any time soon.

Better than the whole not being sick anymore thing is the fact that I’m finally getting some volunteers signing up for the thing I’m helping organise later on this month. Still not the 70 we promised, but not just myself and three others anymore! That’s pretty good, because I was beginning to get a bit stressy about it all!!

Work seems to be going ok too. I still have moments where I wander around the office wondering what on earth I think I’m doing, but more and more I understand what’s happening around me. Even when my team members start using industry speak.

I think I’m slowly emerging from a bit of a stressy few months, into a much more relaxed and happy time. I love it when things start falling into place! And I love it when things go my way.

In other news, my car headlight blew the other day. Just the bulb, that is. So I’m googling it now, and watching videos, and I’m going to have a go at changing it myself this weekend. I am a capable, and AWESOME female. How hard could changing a lightbulb be? (No laughing please.)

Besides, It’s not like I want to pay someone else to do it. And it has to be done before Monday, because that’s when I next have to drive at night. That and I have my licence test in a couple of weeks (Nervous? Me? YES.) and my lights all need to be in working condition before then.

I’d say wish me luck, but I have google, so I won’t need luck.


5 thoughts on “Well this is embarrassing.

  1. Depending on the vehicle, changing a headlight bulb can be VERY easy. I have faith in you… and google… but mostly you!

    Glad you’re feeling better… wish I was. 😦

  2. Sounds like you had the Man Flu!

    Repco advertise the fact that you buy something from them and they fit it (unless it’s an entire engine!). Google’s good but someone else doing the work is better.

  3. I am very happy you are NOT a zombie, especially since I have a completely irrational fear of zombies. (Soooo true!) Once I woke up in the middle of the night and heard a metallic sound like pipe scraping against the pavement. Slowly. I was soooo convinced it was zombies I couldn’t breathe. Then when heard some guy yelling, I realized it was 3rd shift maintenance fixing stuff. I’m not embarrassed. you NEVER KNOW WHEN ZOMBIES WILL ATTACK!!!
    So…REALLY glad you’re feeling better, and won’t be starting a world-wide epidemic of undeadness. And I thought your zombie posts were hilarious (and scary!)

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