A bit of everything really. But mostly this is about the fact I can feel the knots forming in my back as I type.

Do you ever get so tense your back feels like it’s running brittle? Like you can feel the stress sinking needley claws around your spine? I do. I did today. I had to come home and lie on the ground for 20 minutes until I could move without my lower back seising up on me.

The good news is, though, that I can see the finish line. The TKD organisery thing is nearly done, and all I have to do is get some last minute promo stuff organised, and some people to hand it out and I’m done. DONE!! MWhahaha.

Work is… Well that’s nowhere near calm and relaxed, but I’m making friends slowly. I made pancakes with the social club this morning, and got to meet a bunch of people there.

SPCA stuff is falling into a rhythm.

I sit my full licence in a weeks time.

I finished my first aid course. And got to take home my own blow up CPR dolly. Jasmyne loved it when she found a creepy bald mad lying in her bed looking like someone you don’t expect to be breathing:

And best of all?? I have booked myself a long weekend following all the craziness. It will be GREAT. And by ‘great’ I mean I plan to lie in bed drawing pictures for my kids book, and eating Ferrero Rocher chocolates and drinking champaign at 9am on a Monday morning.

Also? I have a tip for you: If you want to get lots of boring chores done, sit down and decide that today is the day you will devote to being creative and authorish. You’ll find yourself sitting there hours later having replied to every email in your inbox, paid that stray medical bill lying down the back of your side table, and having done 20 loads of laundry (on a related note: WHEN did I get that many pairs of underwear?!)



4 thoughts on “A bit of everything really. But mostly this is about the fact I can feel the knots forming in my back as I type.

  1. LOVE! I sorted through a bunch of underwear because I had the same problem!! The CPR thing sounds like fun and helpful!
    Pancakes are a great way to make friends! 😀

  2. Sounds just like my kind of “productivity day”, only I PLAN to get all those nagging administrative things done, and instead I read blogs all day, and play Facebook games and watch everything on my DVR. But other than that it’s JUST the same. 😉

  3. You really should come and visit, and I can book you in with my masseuse. She is A-MAZING! I owe her a chunk of my sanity I think…
    Karlie has one of those CPR dolls – her name is Annie isn’t it? Fortunately I didn’t find her in my bed…
    I totally want pancakes for tea now!

  4. I keep an eye on those daily do things, for good deals on massages, but lately theres been nothing much coming up!
    yeah, her name’s annie. I’m pretty sure mine’s a guy though. For starters he has a very prominant bald patch. And a flat chest.

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