Mostly Whining. Sort of about mornings, but more about the FAT.

The one thing I’m not adjusting to with this new job is the hours. These guys are in at 7:30am every morning – some of them are in earlier. I struggle to make it at 8:00. Most days I make 8:30. Today I made 9:15. That’s despite sleeping from 5pm yesterday till 7am today.

Mornings suck.

I hate being late. And yet? I cannot physically move myself any faster in the morning. Even when my clock is ticking over to 8am and I’m still sitting on my bed in a robe drinking green tea.

Mornings really suck.

I read somewhere an article called ‘five tips for waking up early’, and I thought: ‘Finally! Those are some tips I could use!’ they were all ridiculous though. Like: Keep a bottle of caffeinated soda beside your bed and drink some as soon as your alarm goes off.

Also: Eat a big cooked breakfast, or in a pinch a very sugary cereal to wake yourself up fast!

On a related, but sort of un-related note, I’m so fat right now I feel like an overstuffed burrito in my work clothes. ALL my waistlines pinch and squeeze. I don’t think I should be eating massive cooked breakfasts, and sugary cereal. EVER.

Did you know that four years ago I was 30kgs lighter? And last year I fit all my cute work dresses? And I go to TKD twice a week, And try to get tot he gym at least once a week (usually twice) I walk the half hour to work and home three times a week, and always take the stairs at work.

Most weekends I’m on my feet for a minimum of four hours at the SPCA, sweating and handling animals, and lifting dog food, and cleaning things?

And I STILL gain weight. I have a feeling that I’m going to fucking hate my metabolism as I get older. Hello 26 years old. You kind of suck a little bit.


3 thoughts on “Mostly Whining. Sort of about mornings, but more about the FAT.

  1. Have you had your vitamin/iron/blood sugar/cholesterol etc etc checked recently? There might be something making you so tired that can be treated? Also, could the weight gain be to do with your medication? Is that a potential side effect with the one you are on? If so, it may be possible to change to something that doesn’t have that side effect. Cos that side effect sucks. And you sound like you get plenty of exercise! Sorry if you have already thought of these things! But thought they were worth the mention 🙂

  2. for those “I can’t get out of bed!” days, I flex and wiggle my toes while I’m in bed to help wake me up.

    I hate the feeling of getting fatter! That’s the one thing I hate about getting older. I can’t drink or eat like I used to and my job responsibilities keeps me pretty sedentary. I remember 24 being my “man I’m getting old” age, and again at 29 I felt it. :T

  3. Yeah, I had to go get a bunch of bloodtests done maybe six months ago when I got all virusy and sick. Aparantly I’m normal, and my thyroids are all good.

    Yeah, it’s probably the meds, and I think I’ve been less intense with te excercise lately. I mean, i still get in the work, just not as crazy hard as I used to.

    Oh Well. I feel better today. I brought a new skirt, and it’s pretty, and makes me feel good 🙂

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