I cannot for the life of me sleep. Even though I know I have to get up in less than six hours.

It’s mostly because I did something scary today after work. I went out into the back-end of Upper Hutt, and looked at this:

It’s a tiny cottage for rent on a big farm. It’s rural, and small, and I love it. It just feels right.

Its peaceful, and out of town, and there are chickens!! and it’s still only a 35 minute commute into work. I desperately want it. And it’s a really cheap rental – only $180 a week, compared to the $150 I pay now.

And the best bit? It’s surrounded by farmland, and grazing, and areas where, if one had a horse… well one could ride said horse to ones hearts content.

Also? The landlords are just fine with cats. And fish, of course! Couldn’t leave Mac behind even if I wanted to. (He’s a little bit psychotic. He’d probably track me down and kill me in my sleep if I left him behind.)

And the chickens all belong tothe farm down the road… but if they get chickens, I’m sure no one would object to maybe me having a chicken or two. Or a goat. The yard is definitely big enough for a couple of chickens and a goat.

The inside isn’t much. It’s tidy, warm, and bare. I’m sitting up awake at midnight thinking all about how the lounge area will be black, with bold splashes of turquoise, and modern art, and I’ll jam the kitchen full of plants, and herbs, and I won’t have a dining room table, because I’ll eat all my meals in the sun-room, surrounded by climbing jasmine, and ferns, and my room will fit my bed perfectly into it, with dark heavy curtains and giant rustic candles… and yeah. I’m counting my chickens before I have a yard to put chickens in.

I’ve applied though. It’s just that they have one other applicant. I’m getting references together anyway though, because the landlord mentioned that she wasn’t so sure about the other guy… she thinks he’s too young.

So I can’t sleep, because I’m busy crossing my fingers and toes, and interior decorating the heck out of a property I only have a 40% chance of getting. I’m already in love with it though. I’d be so crushed if I couldn’t have it.


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