Did you know…

… that a second hand fridge costs roughly $350.00?

… that Moonshine Valley is the most whimsically named valley I will have ever lived in?

… that modern cottage appropriate furniture is hard to find second-hand?

… that I’ve already fallen in love with 27 horses for sale?

… that I know very few burly males who enjoy lifting heavy things in the Wellington region.

… that furniture shopping online is my favorite kind of shopping online? Except when it comes to payment. Payment is scary.

… that your average hen will lay 240 eggs a year?

… that I’ve just brought my very own washing machine?

… that washing machines look like they might be too heavy to carry up stairs on my own?


6 thoughts on “Did you know…

  1. I’m assuming this means that you got the place! FANTASTIC! Congratulations and good luck on moving and setting up. Post pics of the best bits once you’re there! (On a side note, my partner has a van and has been known to help people move things for beer.) Also, see if you can get Meridian to install your own personal wind turbine. A smaller one of course.

  2. Here’s a thought. When you get something big, ask the store/house/previous owner to hold it for you till you can organise a trailer.
    Then hit all the places on the one day – the day you want to move in.
    Keep the parental units appraised of dates so we can help.

  3. So…

    You got the new place and now you’re getting ready to move in?

    Congratulations!! You’re going to love it!!

    Good for you!

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