New Farm Cottage!! Woho!

So as you may have guessed… I got the house!! It’s cute! And small, and cavernously empty, because I own a bed, and a microwave, and that’s about it.

Here’s some photos of it so far:

That’s my kitchen. I got the flat on Sunday, and dropped off all my acquired kitchen things pretty much immediately. The colour isn’t all that great, because I took the photo from my phone, but it’s basically the colour of if you were to chew up a bunch of spearmint gum, for hours and hours, and then finally spit it out and take a look? Yeah that’s the colour it is. I’m not so sure about you, but I never really liked spearmint gum.

So this is pretty much the rest of the place, there’s a pretty big lounge/ dining area, and up those stairs to the left is the bedroom. Being all… Bedroomy. (I’m good at this. I should write for Home and Living.) (aka: my absolute favorite magazine right now. Maybe second only to Home and Garden.) 

(Has anyone else noticed that now that I have a cottage, I’m turning into a grandmother? I should take up doing crosswords and baking on sunday afternoons… Oh wait… I already do.) 

(Ah. Yes. The return of the parenthesis.) 

This is basically the opposite end of the room. I’m standing in my bedroom doorway. At the end there you can sort of see my sun-room. I have plans of filling that with pots of delicious tomatoes, and strawberries. And Jasmine vines crawling up trellises.

And out the front of the sun room, the landlords have said I can have a garden!! I’m going to see if they’ll let me put in a wee courtyard to the left, surrounded by lavender bushes, and a nice wee garden that curves around between the ranch sliders on both sides, with luch green foliage, and interesting flowers, to give it a burst of colour, and break up the borringness of the house. It will look AWESOME.

I love gardening.

Oh.. and I guess at some point I’ll get a couch or something. Maybe even something to put the TV on. Who knows!

And.. Well do you want to see the bathroom? Maybe? I mean, it’s pretty standard. My photo cleverly doesn’t show the shower, which those of us in the business would describe as ‘mankey’ or ‘sort of disappointing.’ Never mind, it’s just a bathroom after all!! It’s not like I’ll be spending a lot of time in here.

Oh, and I’d like to introduce you to another shadowy figure, who has just joined my life:

Meet Batz. I found him a couple of weekends ago in the quarantine area of the SPCA while I was doing the volenteer thing, and just fell in love. This, people, is the most smoochy cat in existence.

When I met him he sat in his cage looking all unimpressed, right up until I opened his door… And then it was like a switch flipped and he was all purring and drooling, and rolling around ecstatic because someone was giving him attention. He loves cuddling too. I expected him to be extremely jumpy this morning, but after a brief mosey around his new home, he proceeded to ignore all of the new scary stuff, in favor of lying all over me while I tried to fill out some forms on the carpet. (Yeah. No table.)

I didn’t intend to pick him up before Sunday, because I’m not actually moving my bed into the property until Saturday, so I’m not living there, and I didn’t  think it would be fair to leave him alone. Then the SPCA people called me this morning, and basically gave me a day to come pick him up, because alone in a house is a better scenario than cooped up in a quarantine cage, surrounded by other animals for another week… so Batz is installed in the cottage having some quiet time on his own.

And BTW? He hated the car ride. A lot. I don’t know what was more distracting, the pitiful howling, or that time when he nearly ripped his way out of the flimsy pet carrier box while I was on the motorway going 100 k’s an hour. Oh wait. Yes I do. Definitely the second one was more distracting. 

So yeah. I have another day off at home, so today’s schedule (Yeah, today, because it’s 20 after midnight, and I still can’t sleep) involves me seeing how much of my bed frame I can fit in my car (just for sh*ts and giggles, really,) sitting my full drivers test (definitely no giggling going on there, just raw terror) sorting out a fridge rental, choosing a phone company, switching the current flat phone to someone else, and spending most of the afternoon with the cat – hopefully having a nap in the sun, because that’s originally why I took leave – for relaxation.

(The whole finding a house, sitting a drivers test, moving into the house, and getting a cat, all within a space of five days was just one of those weird serendipitous UNPLANNED things.)

So yeah, stressing about the driving test tomorrow – mostly because people know that I’m going to sit it. ‘People’ being mainly work people. So if I fail I have to tell them. Which would just be awful. But on the other had I’ve had lessons recently. I know the area pretty well. I’ve had a ton of practice. So I should stop stressing and just let it be for a bit. I’ll either pass, or I won’t and there’s nothing I can do about it right this second, so the time is probably better spent getting some sleep.

I’m also stressing about Batz, (I’m a multi-tasker at heart) because he was sneezing when I left the house this afternoon. Sneezing is one of those ‘uhoh’ things we look out for with the cats at the SPCA, because untreated it can get kind of bad. Unfortunately it’s pretty common for shelter cats because kitty sniffles is pretty rampant when you have that many animals in a small area together. Also he had an upset tummy, but I think that’s down to the stressful car-ride. Anyway I have to call the vet in the morning just to double-check that there’s nothing more I can do to help get rid of those sniffles.

Gah, and Thursday I have to fly to Christchurch for work. I get back in at 8:40 at night, so I think I’ll just head straight out to the farm, and feed the cat, and just sleep there the night on the floor. At least then I’ll stop worrying about the cat being cold, or lonely. (I know, right? He’s going to be a total fur-baby.)



6 thoughts on “New Farm Cottage!! Woho!

  1. I have giggled so much during this post! I love parenthesis :). Batz sounds amazing, his constant cuddling reminds me of Chubby Huggs from Get Fuzzy.

    Congrats on your cottage!!! my only piece of advice as a recovering shopaholic to you is take your time accumulating things for your new digs. You’ll find it prolongs this feeling of glee you’re having and you won’t get stuck with too many shower curtains at the end.

  2. SO exciting! I didn’t realise you were moving in so quickly! Looks great, and woo, Batz! Will have to come visit soon 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh– it’s wonderful!!!! Congratulations on your beautiful farm cottage, and your smoochy cat. It’s all so charming– even the bathroomy bathroom looks lovely!

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