The bad, terrible, no-good, but actually kind of weirdly ok day.

I have to re-sit my licence test! Boo.

Everyone asks me what happened and it’s infinitely shaming to admit that pulled out of a give way in front of a car who had to slow a bit behind me. Not something I’d normally do, but the give way in question is a little bit of a blind corner with parked cars, so I just plain-old didn’t see the car. Unfortunately that’s a straight fail.


I was really disappointed at the time and kind of wanted to crawl into a hole, and then fill it in behind myself, rather than tell anyone that I’d failed. Because fail is an awful word. It gives me cold sweats. Once I vomited at the thought of having to fess up that I’d failed something. I don’t know where the hell this need for perfection came from, but it’s kind of a bitch.

I obviously didn’t go find a dark room to rock in, instead I sucked it up, shook the hand of my tester, and told him to have a good day.

Following that I had to go pick up a replacement lamp for my room, and then nearly got myself a parking ticket, because I parked in a 5 min park, and there was this lady inside who had a half hour chat with the only person on the counter. While I stood right there waiting to buy my lampshade. I nearly smashed the ugly thing over her head. (The only reason I brought an ugly one, was it was as close as I could get to the ORIGINAL ugly one.) (That I smashed.) (Accidentally.)  

So yes. There was fast talking, and quick vacating, because I absopositilotely cannot CANNOT afford a parking ticket right now.

So I was pretty damn angry about all that, right?

Like, swearing under my breath and growling out loud in my car MAD.

Then I got home, couldn’t find a park, and tried to shove the pieces of my bed into my boot. It didn’t work. Just for future reference: my car is not as wide as a double bed. So now we know.

After half an hour of sweating and swearing and growling, and trying to make my bed bits fit in my back seat I gave up, and dropped everything and instead went out and spent the afternoon lying in the sun with the sick cat. With the sniffles you basically treat them like a sick kid – lots of fluid, lots of warmth, and make sure they’re still eating.

So we cuddled up on the beanbag under a super soft snuggly blanket and watched Dr Phil, and Ellen, and a reality show about women competing to have the best wedding. When the cat’s snoring got too loud I got up and scrubbed the windows. Then I decided to stay, first to make sure the cat didn’t get worse, and second because I was just so darn relaxed I didn’t want to have to wake up enough to drive back.

It’ll be nice when I have a bed out there. The ground is hard, and the cat is a bean-bag hog. Also I had to laugh, because I’m sure I’ll never be lonely out there. Batz snores louder than I do – and I snore pretty loud.

Waking up at 5:30 was surprisingly easy. The cat seems to favour sleeping on my head, so it turns out you can’t really get too comfortable after your alarm goes off, because he sort of spreads out until there’s no chance of some comfortable napping. And the drive in was easy as pie! I think I’m going to like this place.


5 thoughts on “The bad, terrible, no-good, but actually kind of weirdly ok day.

  1. Dont beat yourself up. It’s not the end of the world. And you get to snuggle with something that snores louder than yourself! Yah

  2. Much much understanding on the drive for perfection and its consequences. There’s a reason why I have a wardrobe full of fabric I’m too scared to cut into because I Might Get It Wrong. (And that’s at the minor end of the scale.) Batz sounds like the perfect solution to a rough day though. Very jealous! I hope you both have a wonderful time snuggling into your new place together.

  3. I failed my restricted twice – once for failing to give way, once for failing to show up for the test. When i sat my full licence, the instructor told me I passed by the skin of my teeth. Don’t feel bad!

  4. Failure exists to make success sweeter! Then again, that’s why we eat chocolate too. Better luck next time! Some day I’ll tell you about my exam 🙂

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