He’s affection deprived.

Shannon’s Imaginary Colleague: So…

Shannon: Yes?

SIC: Well, I was just wondering really…

Shannon: Spit it out. I’m busy in Admin Hell.

SIC: What’s up with the weird makeup lately? Yesterday was pretty Gaga-ish, but today you look like a prize fighter. I think I prefer the Gaga.

Shannon: Well you try applying liquid liner with a cat intent on getting some affection – i thought I did pretty well considering. And Gaga always has great eyes, so actually that’s a compliment.

SIC: Uh-huh.

Shannon: And today I thought powder would be easier.

SIC: Was it?

Shannon: Yeah. Right up until he crawled up my robe, sat on my shoulder, and starded headbutting my forehead.


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