Positives and negatives

Gah. There’s nothing like having to ask your mum for a loan to make you feel like a financial dunce. I’m feeling a bit of the ‘F’ word here lately (that would be the ‘Fail’ one) with the Drivers Licence debacle, and the mad scramble to keep myself afloat through an unexpected and unplanned shift.

Nevertheless, I have to keep reminding myself that things will get better – I’m not always going to be financially precarious – next month it will be business as usual, which will be a relief quite frankly.

I will pass my Drivers Licence (do you like my optimism?)

I will relax into my quiet enjoyment of the premises and not worry so much. (The philosophy of this move was this: If I keep waiting for it to be the perfect time, I’ll never do it. Instead jump, and back myself to make it work.)

On a far more positive note? I contacted my first literary agent yesterday about whether they’d be interested in seeing my manuscript (do you like that? How I said manuscript like a real author instead of ‘kids picture book’). The literary agent said yes. So… Yeah. Everyone says publishing a book is like wading through a world of ‘NO’ so it’s nice to have one small yes to start off on!


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