Things are looking up! It’s surprising how often that happens after a good weekend. On Friday I left town with a black cloud over my head and a scrape along the side of my car. (Fucking parking building. Fuck fucking fuck!!)

Then Saturday the sun rose high over my farm cottage, and I did a load of laundy by hand (Ah. Clean teeshirts, how I’ve missed you!) I walked around the farm in bare feet, and played with the cat while cleaning up the clothing pile. What? you don’t have a clothing pile? Dharlink, you’re missing out! It’s the new fashion. Organic and closet free! I have free-range underwear.

Then Jasmyne and I tag-teamed trailer and furniture removals. We’re getting so good at this we think we need a slogan. Something like:

“We get the job done in the end.” 
“Innovators in moving heavy shit without lifting it.”
“I’d like to see you do any better.”

Or even just “STOP LAUGHING AT US.”

Then we went to a furniture hyperstore, and I set myself a goal of buying a couch outright – ie, from savings rather than with borrowed or loaned money. It’s good to have money goals I’ve discovered. Like, this weekend’s goal was “don’t hit anything while reversing the trailer that you can’t afford to replace.”

Like I said, goals are important.

Anyway, so it’s going to take a long time but I’m happy on my beanbag for now. I don’t really need a couch just yet.

Sunday I planted some vegies in plastic tubs in my sun room – We’re going into some serious wintery autumn times, so it’s not exactly a great time for planting salad vegies, but my sun room gets pretty warm. I’ve got basil, lettuce, and cucumbers planted, and I’ll do tomatoes next weekend maybe.

The landlord moved her horses up to the paddock next to my place, I got bright warm sun all weekend, and the grass is soft and cool against my feet when I go wandering, so I’m pretty much loving living on the Moonshine ridge right now.


4 thoughts on “

  1. I laughed so hard at Free-Range Underwear that tears ran down my cheeks and oxygen couldn’t enter my body with the force of my laughter! I too, have a closet-free clothing pile. I find it gives my clothes this wrinkled devil may care quality…

  2. …the same beanbag that you said “Aw probably not!”
    Weathers crap so will post that phone down to you.
    Work address via email please. Will get there faster.

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