Sure, I snore, but it’s feminine snoring.

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I think winter might be here. Last night the cat and I slept in a bed piled up with fuzzy blankets. One of us snored loud enough to drown out the sound othe wind shaking the house. Hint: it wasn’t me. Although I have been known to snore on occasion.

(Of course my snoring is soft and quite feminine and lovely.)

(Much like the sound of tiny delicate birds cooing.)

(Stop laughing.)

I think I’d like to make cookies tonight. (Holy subject change batman!) I’ve been sitting here for the past ten minutes dreaming up the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe… and then I realised that I haven’t baked anything in the new kitchen. I mean, I’ve made lasagna, but I’m so in love with lasagna that I do that on a weekly basis.

Despite the winteryness of the weather, I think I’m supposed to be swimming tomorrow with Becks at the gym. I’m really hoping that the pool is heated. Otherwise I might just be paddling (ie. standing beside the pool wrapped in a towel pretending like I’m limbering up for an hour until we’ve run out of time to actually get in.)

Oh, and I used the heat pump for the first time this morning. It was kind of exciting, because I’ve finally figured out how to schedule it to come on just before my alarm does, and then turn off just as I’m supposed to be leaving the house. Batz was certainly excited about it – he didn’t even try sitting on my head to warm himself up after I kicked him out from the fuzzy blanket cocoon this morning.


2 thoughts on “Sure, I snore, but it’s feminine snoring.

  1. oooh cookies!!! What’s a heat pump? It’s a shame we couldn’t be neighbors. You could bring the cookies, and I could bring the rum and we could have incredibly deep discussions like “Colin Firth vs. Vin Diesel” and that sort of thing 🙂

  2. A heat pump is… well its like an air conditioning unit that can pump out hot or cold air? Yes. Sort of like that.

    And as for the Rum and Cookie Debate: Neither, I’m a vintage Jonny Depp fan!

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