A new experience…

A conversation I had while walking through the Mt Vic town belt looking for Lord of the Rings filming locations with the one and only Geek Hiker:

Geek Hiker: (While clutching his Lord of the Rings New Zealand guide book) Just so you know, this is just for fun, it’s not going to break my holiday if I can’t find the right path.

Shannon: Oh good, because I was beginning to wonder how to go about consoling an adult male unable to find a hobbit hidy hole.

Geek Hiker: No no, this is just a hobby. I just wanted to see if I could find it.

(Geek hiker disappears behind a tree – presumably to check for Hobbit tracks – before popping back up unexpectedly)

Geek Hiker: And to answer your question, there is no consoling a guy who can’t find the hobbit hidy hole.

Shannon: Oh good. I’m glad we’re not taking this seriously.



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