Glass Ceiling, or am I overreacting?

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty alright. I got some donated furniture from the mother ship, which was great. two couches, an arm chair, and a dining room table later, and I finally have furniture to jump on when spiders go skittering across my lounge room floor. Coincidentally, the night the furniture arrived and this exact scenario took place. I made a dive towards the kitchen, and managed to capture it under my heat pump User Guide (thank you Louise for not letting me throw that out!)

This one was about half a centimetre smaller than that last one, but no less terrifying. I managed to get rid of this one the same way as the other – by releasing it into the paddock across the road. If I wasn’t such a contained person there would have been a lot of shrieking.

(Ok. There was a little shrieking.)

Aside from the spider thing, and the getting furniture, it wasn’t an eventful weekend. I curled up on a couch for most of it and read books. The cat spent most of it trying to sleep on me. Turns out his preference for lying on me was not a result of the beanbag being too small. He genuinely prefers it if he can be as close as possible to my face while napping. Oh well. It makes me happy too.

Work on the other hand? Meh. I’m less than motivated today. It feels that no matter what I do, I’m going to be constantly fighting to not be pushed back into basic admin. I feel almost like if I was a guy with the experience, goals, and training I have,  I wouldn’t have this constant fight to keep myself clear of a reception desk. I find myself constantly fighting the fact that I’m a mid-twenties female in the workplace, and sometimes that gets exhausting.

It was brought home to me listening to a friend recently – she’s older than me, wildly successful in her career which has spanned 11 years in a specialised area, fully qualified for her job, and she’s STILL having to fight the fact she’s female. Every promotion she ever gets she has to fight to the point of exhaustion for, and then they still end up putting men in positions above her – LESS qualified men who blatantly plagiarise her work, and get away with murder, all for the fact they’re older, and male.

Another friend recently told me that despite the fact she’s a Project Manager, she still gets the older guys in her workplace – equal or below the hierarchy to her – trying to get her to do their photocopying and typing. Despite the fact she has one of the heavier workloads in the organisation right now.

It makes me wonder if it’s always going to be like this.


2 thoughts on “Glass Ceiling, or am I overreacting?

  1. Oh my gosh, your words about the workplace hit home. I’ve been a construction engineer for the past 5 years, and spent the 5 before that working and studying.

    Recently I got promoted to management, and still people ask me to pop out and get milk, help them set up Outlook meetings, and photocopy drawings. Sigh.

    I don’t have any words of advice here, just solidarity! 🙂

  2. Hopefully it won’t be like this forever. It takes time for an entire culture to shift the weight of a massive viewpoint, but if we keep pushing, it will eventually get there 🙂

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