So. Angry.

Is anyone else exhausted? I’m exhausted. Also? PISSED OFF.

The reason for this sunny attitude is a month and half long battle with a shitty phone and broadband provider. I shan’t say their name because they’re shit.

Anyway. When I first called I got a lot of ‘YES you can has internet.’ So I signed up for the compulsory home phone (does anyone use those things in the age of the mobile? No?) and then the excuses came.

month of excuses.

Today I finally had time this morning to do more than call leave a message. So this morning I spent four hours calling people, being put on hold, being told I had to call their line managers for them (seriously. Isn’t that something they should be doing!?)  and at the end of it all they tell me whoops. We haven’t connected the phone because we’re useless idiots, and we haven’t given you broadband – despite saying over and over again we could, sending out a router, and charging you for it – because there is absolutely NO WAY you can have broadband at that address.

Shannon:…. So you’re telling me you lied.

Service Provider (My Ass): No! Of course not. We made a mistake. But you can still have your phone line! If I can put you on hold I’ll find out a potential connection date!

Shannon: DO NOT PUT ME ON HOLD AGAIN! I don’t want a home line. I never did. The only reason I signed up for a home line is because I can’t have broadband without it.

SP (My Ass): But… You can’t have broadband.

Shannon: Exactly. And how long have you guys known that I can’t have broadband?

SP (My Ass): Oh. It would have come up in your initial call back when you signed up.

Shannon: And potentially it should have been mentioned, right? Or in one of the many times I called and emailed you since then.

SP (My Ass): Yes.

Shannon: So why on earth did I have to call your line manager to find this out?

SP (My Ass): You called our line manager?

Shannon: YES. Because you told me to. One of your call center ladies made me call your line manager and find out why they hadn’t actioned your ticket number.

SP (My Ass): Well. You shouldn’t have done that… They deal direct with us, not the customer.

Shannon: …

So yes. I’ve had a frustrating morning.

Made more frustrating by the fact that apparently there is no way for me to get internet. I can’t get the wires installed because you can’t pay them to do that???!!!! What? that doesn’t seem right to me. Yes. I’m rural, but I’m literally 9 minutes from a major city. Surely there is some frigging way to get a frigging copper wire (apparently the bit that is missing on my line?) to my house? No?


So now I’m investigating T-Sticks, which are SLOW, and utterly dependant on mobile connection, which can be a little patchy on my mountain top.

Also? The Data plans are really small and expensive. Like 2gb a month is something like $50. I’m not sure that’s going to cover me, considering I like to watch TV online, stream radio in the weekends, and watch youtube videos, interesting lectures, and tutorials for weird crap like how to bake bread the same way medieval Italians used to. I also spend weekends blogging, emailing, uploading photos, downloading e-books, and shopping online.

Basically? I’m your average mid-twenties internet addict. I live my freaking life on the internet.

Ugh. I guess I’m going to have to find another way to amuse myself . Maybe I’ll start watching TV again.


3 thoughts on “So. Angry.

  1. I Love that you totally stood up for yourself! They TOTALLY lied! So you don’t have to get any of their services now, right? Sheesh.
    I too, am addicted to the internet. I can’t imagine NOT being able to connect somehow. yikes! You poor thing!

  2. Sounds like something “Fair Go” would be interested in hearing about.
    They love giving it to the big boys.

  3. How frustrating! How’re you supposed to live with out internet? 🙂

    I’ve had my fair share of over-promsing, under-delivering Service Providors (my ass). I hope you get/got something worked out…

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