It’s surprising how quickly I’ve turned into the cat lady.

Shannon: I’m not going to lie to you. I’m a little pissed off.


Shannon: Pest control is great. you can kill as many things that move inside the house as you want.


Shannon: But when I come home to a pile of bird feathers in my lounge? That’s when I’m less impressed.

Batz: …

Shannon: Not that I don’t love playing hide and go find the bird corpse.


Shannon: It’s just that when I DON’T find the corpse, well then I get annoyed.

Batz: Purr Purr Purr

Shannon: Is there a dead bird in my house or not!?!


So. Another long sunny weekend, another attempt at planting tomatoes. The seeds last time didn’t sprout at all, so I’m trying again. I also went by Mitre 10 MEGA and got all green-thumbed in the garden centre. I brought some rough-tough gardening gloves, that make me feel like a real gardening badass (Is there such a thing? I think I might have just invented a new genre of awesomeness.)

Anyway, I also brought a bunch of seeds, and a massive flax thing. I’m not really sure what the plan is with the massive flax thing. It was ain impulse buy. As impulsive as an unweildy bright red grassy type plant can be. I didn’t stop by the shovel section, because if I had, I would have found myself outside digging up the lawn to put in a garden.

Not that it would be bad, I have the ok from the landlords, but I’ve promised myself I’ll wait till spring.

Besides I don’t have gumboots yet. Or a plan.

You can’t build a garden without gumboots.

One of the ex-flatties came over on Sunday and we dished the respective career goss, and did some mutual ‘everything sucks’ whineage. But news this morning says her options are broadening at a staggering rate. It’s fun to have mates you can be proud of!

I’m supposed to be planning a bit of a flat warming at some point, but i’m feeling like it’s a bit premature at this stage. I mean, the flat is still a work in progress. If I had it now it would be a flat luke-warming, and no one wants to attend a luke-warming. Its kind of half-assed!

Besides, as my dad will reliably tell you, I don’t have nearly enough solar lights in my front yard yet. It’s not a flat warming until you can see the yard from space, with the aid of solar powered garden lights.


3 thoughts on “It’s surprising how quickly I’ve turned into the cat lady.

  1. I love the conversations you have with your cat.
    You can be a total gardening badass, and now that you have proper gloves you can really get in there and garden without hurting your hands! And gumboots are a must. Fer sure. Preferably cute ones.

    I really, REALLY hope you don’t have bird corpses in your place!

  2. Ergh. Animals can be so disgusting sometimes.
    I feel all embarrassed; I don’t have gumboots and I built a garden last week. I missed that memo… must be a gardening dumbass! 😛

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