Oh god. I thought it was bad when I came home to a pile of feathers. It wasn’t. It really REALLY wasnt.

Last night I arrived home to find a tiny pair of lungs, and a heart, in a pile of feathers. Now either my cat is trying to communicate, in an artistic way, or he’s a freaking psychotic bird murderer.

There is evidence for the first option – where he’s making performance art in an attempt to convey the depth of his respect for me – because this morning I got up to find his food bowls rearranged, each with a jandal from my shoe tree carefully balanced on top.

The whole situation is confusing. What does it all mean? perhaps he didn’t like that flavour of cat food? But it was chicken and duck, and the bird deaths at his hands point to a fondness for fowl.

Ugh. I’m too tired to figure it out!

Anyway I have god news – interviews. Two of them at this stage. Now I just have to figure out how to fit them in! One of the positions has this in the description “Not for the faint of heart!” I don’t know what that means, but it sounds ominous, right? The other is a 3 month contractor role. Its a bit short, but having been invited to interview I’d like to hear more about it.

I dunno. Decisions, decisions!!


6 thoughts on “Eep!

  1. Woop for interviews! You go get ’em tiger. Tell them to give you a job or you’ll learn from your cat and leave a little pile of feathers on their desk.

    Also, I am madly in love with your cat.

  2. Try putting a bell on the cat. It’ll hopefully warn the birds of an impending attack.

    Luck with the interviews!

  3. Dang! You are so good at getting interviews and, judging from your short (if non-existent) period of unemploymenet prior to the current job, good at landing the job too. I need to learn your secrets… And quick!

  4. Yeah, I’m ok at it 🙂 I don’t really have a secret, beyond being completely and utterly enamoured with every position and company I apply with. I don’t apply for stuff I feel all ‘meh’ about and it comes through in the interview. I get lots of feedback from my interviews saying that the attitude I take into interviews is what makes me stand out 🙂 (Also: ALWAYS ask for feedback – even for jobs you don’t get.)

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