It’s a dirty word…

Wow. So I just said “Premenstral” in the workplace and I swear to god my colleague jumped back two metres and said “oookey” while fiddling with her necklace nervously.

I’m not sure I could have actually made her more uncomfortable if I’d actually tried.


3 thoughts on “It’s a dirty word…

  1. She’s a she and that scared her? Man!!! Note for the future – not the person to ask if you never need to borrow a tampon!

  2. Do they spell premenstrual differently in Australia?

    And … “oookey”?! Seriously? Maybe she hasn’t got her period yet.

  3. a LOT of people are uncomfortable with using the proper words. I’ve gotten into a habit of saying “Lady Time” “Lady Supplies” and “Lady Doctor appointment.” Because I’m a lady (snorts). Also private parts are “no-no parts” or “the pants region”. Because yeah, if you SAY “Cramps, vagina, period, premenstral (or however it’s spelled, David!), gynocological visit, and for the menfolk, penis, people tend to spazz as if you said you were about to punch them in the face. Even though these are the same people who write “C*cksucker” on their facebook page. Sillies.

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