Step one for removing a bad vibration from your karma hall in your happy place.

So. Last night l lifted my bed. I would add in “one handed!” here at this point, but that would be a total lie. Because it was heavy. Even with two hands.

I also lifted a two seater couch down stairs by myself, and moved large wooden furniture with nothing but my frustration, and anger as fuel. I have not been having a great time recently. And Last night, at 9pm, I single handedly rearranged my cottage because I am So. Sick. Of not feeling great.

It seems like a loose tie – furniture arranging and depression – but honestly, changing up my environment helps. It pulls me out of my dark slumpy self, and into my creative whiz space. (Also my weightlifter space, and my first aid space, because thanks to my bookcase I have a bruise on my shin that is set to take on the world.) Also? I found another massive heart attack sized spider and killed it because I’m something of a badass.

When I finished I felt this huge sense of achievement.

Then at 5:30am this morning when my alarm went off, I sprung out of bed, and directly into a wall. Not an imaginary mood wall – an actual, wood, and hard stuff wall. because I moved the side of the room my bed is on. My knee connected with the wall so loudly Batz catapulted off the pillow where he was creeping towards his prefered resting spot – my face – and into my suitcase full of clothes.

I hit the wall so damn hard I think the house actually shook on its foundations.

Nevertheless I feel good today. I think I’ve cleared the blockage in my happy place. I think I’ve re-routed the good vibrations in my karma passage. And all it took was an hour of heavy lifting and a near miss with an over excited cat, and a couch careening down the stairs.

In other news: No luck with the contracting role, due to my notice period – but excellent feedback. Another interview Monday though! And one of the only people I’m still in touch with from high school asked me to be a bridesmaid for her wedding! you know what that means? A NEW DRESS! Also possible public speaking (I’m not really sure though, because are you supposed to make a speech? Maybe? I dunno. I should read up on bridesmaid things.)


5 thoughts on “Step one for removing a bad vibration from your karma hall in your happy place.

  1. I think moving heavy furniture is symbolic of taking control of your life. This is pretty exciting stuff! 🙂 Stinks about the moving-related bruising and GIANT spider (congrats on your victory!)

    Weddings are so much fun! And tiring! Here, typically only the best man and sometimes maid of honor make speeches.It’s really up to the Happy Couple. they may want everyone to make a speech! Oooh I wonder what your dress will look like!

  2. I like moving stuff around every once in awhile. Maybe you should put something glow-in-the-dark on the walls until you get used to the new arrangement.

    Can’t wait to see the dress!

  3. Brilliant! It’s really the small things isn’t it? Something to look forward to. Rearranging the furniture was a great idea, despite the collision with the wall.

    Like your image of “karma passage”. Sorta like feng shui, right?

  4. Thoughts: Turns out that without streetlights, the country gets really dark at night!
    In other (unrelated) news I keep trying to comment on your blog and the security thing hates me. I can’t get past it. So imagine me nodding and emphatically saying Mmhm! to your Dr Horible’s singalong blog post. Also to the fact that chocolate and coconut is like crack.

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