Lots of bits of nothing really.

I think, thanks to the internet, that I’ve finally figured about what kind of a cat Batz is – he’s an oriental Short Hair. I saw a photo of one in a different colour, and was all, “huh, no wonder!” because when I googled him it said that they’re emotional attention seekers.

In other news today is wet, windy and gross. I walked to work wrapped up tosty warm though, so I feel a bit like I’m beating the weather.

I have to go pick up a bunch of arty coffee-table books from the bookseller tonight. I brought most of them second-hand, and read them for a few months, and then sell them back. They buy them back for 50% of the original price, which is great – USUALLY. This lot, though, were really nice, and the dude came back with an offer of $30. and I was like: Um. No. Because I paid at least $170 for the lot second hand. So I’m all: You know what? I reject your offer weird book man. I’ll just keep them. Or sell them on trademe (more likely!)

What else do I have going on right now… Not much. Caz and Mel are coming over this weekend for lasagna – Caz is the one I get to be a bridesmaid for. I’m making a point of sending Caz photos of unique wedding dresses that I find online. (one had a belly cut out – it’s my favorite so far.)

How’s your Wednesday going? More eventful than mine?


3 thoughts on “Lots of bits of nothing really.

  1. Counting down the dayz. Rotorua, Papakura, Manurewa, Melbourne (in that order). Yah

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