Have you ever said a word so often it looses all meaning? Criticism. Criticism. Criticism. Criticism.

So. You know what I’m thinking about today? Criticism. I just had one of those meetings with my boss where you sit down and make chatter about how you’re doing so far on the job.

He had a few pieces of criticism to chew over (Stop coming in at 9am. Stop coming in oversized dinosaur costumes on Thursdays. Stop yelling out ‘Dongle!’ for no apparent reason at 10am every morning.) And it made me think. I’m kind of crap at taking criticism – I have to make an effort to not get all defensive about it. Mostly, I think, because I’m convinced that I’m secretly right about everything, and having people telling me I’m wrong makes me want to shout “LIES! You’re all Lies!”

Unfortunately that doesn’t go over well. (Not that I’ve ever stood on a table and yelled ‘Lies!’ to a critiquee.)

(I’m just very intuitive, and intuition tells me it would end badly.)

It seems, though, that my gut response to criticism isn’t unique. There’s a lot of advice around criticism out there (on the interweb) and most of it is all ‘open mind’ and ‘cool, calm response’ ‘ask for examples’ mostly though I just end up nodding and grinning like a ninny so that I don’t end up saying “Yes, you like it done this way, but my way is better. So we’ll just do it my way, ok!”

I do like what my friend Becks calls the shit sandwich though. It’s all about the criticism snuck in between two pieces of squishy complementary bread. I”m so busy stroking my own ego over the compliments that the criticism sneaks in past the bit of me that yells “LIES!” and throws tantrums.

How do you take criticism?


2 thoughts on “Have you ever said a word so often it looses all meaning? Criticism. Criticism. Criticism. Criticism.

  1. You are so fun. I just gained several new favorite words that I want to use from this post. Ninny and Dongle being the main ones. I want to use them both. While I know how to use ninny, I am not quite sure how to use Dongle, but from your post I imagine that I am just supposed to yell it randomly. The word ninny is definitely going into a post of mine soon.
    I don’t take criticism well either. I, like you, am always right. Not to mention I am very sensitive and criticism hurts my little feelings, especially since it is always LIES!

  2. My response to criticism varies on the topic. If it’s about my art, I’m pretty cool with it. I can say “Yeah, that’s a good point.” or “nah, suck it!” but if it’s like a project that NOBODY cares about, and I get criticism, I just want to start bashing people in with a stapler.

    I like your mental version of handling it. It’s charming!

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