Today I am frustrated – mostly because I’ve done this kind of fun awesome piece of work, but because other people are dragging their heels I can’t show it off at work yet! It sucks because it’s the first thing I’ve done at this job I’ve felt really excited and proud of.

Anyway. I think I need a distraction.

So last night I ran out of gas – as in, the gas that heats my hot water. So naturally I troop outside at nearly midnight to change it, because, well that’s how I roll.

Also? there was a total spider invasion, of the imaginary kind.

Shannon: Holy shit, Spider! Massive spider! On my leg! Biting and – oh. Purring like a maniac. It’s just my freak cat.

Shannon: Right now to get the replacement gas bottle out from under the house – SPIDER! On my hand! Ah it’s moving! No. Actually that’s just a tag  on the top of the bottle. Ok.

Shannon: Spi- nope the cat again.

Shannon: Holy crap spider on my face! Oh, wait, nope. It’s a leaf. And the cat is biting my feet again.

I have to say? That coupled with the fact it took me most of 45 minutes to do the job means it’s a miracle I haven’t accidentally set myself on fire already. At least when I was living with other people I’d have someone nearby to call 111 if I slipped and gave myself concussion while running around under-dressed in the spider infested garden trying to attach a gas bottle to my hot water system.

(Note: I didn’t slip and give myself concussion or anything, it’s just that I’m kind of clumsy sometimes, so it’s always a possibility.)


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  1. I’ve SEEN the spiders in your house. You have every right to be a little jumpy about them. Seriously. I’m itchy just thinking about it.

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