There’s nothing like excitement and fear all mixed up and shaken like a new job martini.

Well, first off, I need to get the internet at home. That fight is going to suck, and it will end in me using dial-up. The end.

Second and MOST IMPORTANT: The new job is awesome, and terrifying. I do not speak IT. It’s like code sometimes, with all the acronyms, and specialised systems they use for project stuff. I’ve been crazy busy – this is not one of those jobs you can slip in the odd half hour of research for which weird day you’ll be dressing up to commemorate tomorrow.

There are a lot of people called Dave here, so whenever I forget someones name I try slipping David into the conversation, to see if they look confused. So far it seems to be working.

Also, this morning three people brought me home baking – I don’t even know two of these dudes. I think I’ll be very happy here.

On the not so awesome side, time sheets are confusing and weird through the company that look after my GST and PAYE stuff, and the timesheets for the company I’m contracting for would probably be WAY better, but I can’t access them, because of technical issues. It;s a long complicated story full of IT speak. The end result, though, is some uncertainty over when I’ll be paid. Which creates all kinds of awesome fun uncertainty over what happens to my rent and bills in the mean-time.

Being a contractor is kind of stupid in some respects.

OK. I’m going home, to bury my face in Batz tummy until my heart stops racing with the fear response I get in new job-type-situations. (This week has been about two seconds away from a panic attack since 9:30am Tuesday morning.)


4 thoughts on “There’s nothing like excitement and fear all mixed up and shaken like a new job martini.

  1. Fear not Shannon. Though there may be too many Daves in IT, the INTERWEBS will always yield answers to mysterious IT jargon.

    New jobs are always terrifying. It sounds like they’re nice people though, and that’s a total lifesaver!

    Though having only dialup at home is a serious problem.

  2. Good luck with the job (and figuring out the random time sheets!). Receipts, receipts, receipts, and travel logs is all I can add to the contractor advice. Claim back as much as you can off your tax payments 🙂

    And I agree, dial up at home IS a serious problem. Can’t they give you the satellite version of broadband (I don’t speak IT here…) or whatever it is they give people living in the country? They have it in the outskirts up here, so surely big old Wellington does too?

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